Galleries are places where you can enjoy images. In real life these would be rooms with pictures arranged on the walls and on panels. This is a bit harder to do here in the “cloud”.

Sharing sites come pretty close in providing a most enjoyable experience. There are links on the left that take you to my various sharing sites. My main gallery site is my Cafe Ludwig OneDrive. Unlike the other sharing sites OneDrive does not offer a “lobby” or “front door”, so I am providing that here. Click the image below to enter the OneDrive galleries. One there, click the tiles to enter the different “halls”.CafeLudwig OneDrive Gallery

Another personal gallery site is Ludwig.PhotosLudwig.Gallery

Some of my art that I like best can also be found on my store site. Take a look. The images are nicely arranged and there is no attempt to get you to buy it until you click on one of the images.